Granite Snow Lantern

Walking through the Japanese Garden at The Minnesota Arboretum, I come across a granite snow lantern.

Swirls of lichen

A mist settles in

A rock placed inside and enveloped in yarn. On other days, there has been money alongside the rock as well. Perhaps an offering?

Time to go, a small hop to avoid the puddle.

One Bedroom Shell

Oh how wonderful
It would be
If I could hide
In a shell like he

Surrounded and safe
From the world of today
Not having a care
Keeping life at bay

Is it really the life
That I’d like to lead
Enclosing myself
No dreams left to feed

What kind of an existence
Would it truly be
All sheltered and protected
Not free to be me

Karaoke At Cub Foods

Certain images that I capture often bring a tune to mind. Usually it’s sparked by a song from my past or possibly the mood I’m currently in. Either way, that song usually stays in my mind for a good part of the day(much like an ear worm). The Zinnia bud above reminds me of a new beginning, thus the Carpenter’s song, “We’ve Only Just Begun”. I’ve been singing this song all day; in the car, on my hike, and even in the grocery store. If you happen to bump into me at Cub Foods, feel free to sing along…….oh, but I get to be Karen Carpenter😂🙋.


Fishing With Barbie, My Top Five List From My Book Of Fishery

1. Remember the days when you slept in until noon, nestled under that cozy warm blanket? Well forget it!! The sun ain’t shining when you have to drag your sleepy bottom out of that little warm cocoon you slept in. Also, better have donuts for breakfast on hand, no time to dilly dally. True fisher people will not wait as you sashay through the kitchen frying, buttering, and percolating. When it’s time to hit the water, breakfast is whatever’s on hand (ok, I might have sashayed a few times😳).

2. Prepare for the wrath of the weather Gods. That’s right, temps in Minnesota could start out below freezing and start to snow (blizzard), warm up just enough to rain(downpour), and end with clear skies and sun(the porthole to hell). Layers, people, layers!!

3. You better hope that you visited the latrine before you head out, there ain’t no porcelain god in that boat. When it’s time to break for mother natures call, you better hope there is a shoreline in sight and that you have a wad of toilet paper in your pockets(pockets, oh yes almost forgot, must have lots of them). You also better hope it’s number 1 calling and not number 2. If you’ve ever had the luxury of doing your duty(haha, I just said doody😂) in the forest, it’s all about timing and locale. Seclusion is a must(extremely dense trees and no peeping toms) and the faster the drawers drop and come up the better (fastest peeer in the Midwest)

4. Shore lunching, it’s all the rage on the lakes these days. My best advice, have children so that they can collect the wood you need to start the fire(fastest peeer and best mom in the Midwest, I’m racking up awards as I write).

5. My last piece of advice, take along that one person that can land and take that fish off your hook. Have you ever touched a fish, well I have(very gently and just enough for that one neuron to fire and recognize slime) and it was gross(I know, I’m such a disappointing Minnesotan). Also, those bad boys have teeth(I’m talking Northerns here) and they will use them. That’s right, there’s always someone in the boat that’s been punctured by a Pike and it’s usually the bleeder of the bunch(fishing, all blood and gore…oh the Horror!). Teeth aside, Pikes DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT want to be caught. Therefore, It might take two of you(all) to get this fish in the boat. Pikes are extremely strong and wiggly(kind of a lame adjective for a Pike….sorry Pikes). On a side note, don’t ever brag that you’ve captured the mother of all fish. It’s most likely a big old glob of seaweed(no, I’ve never done this😳).


P.S. Is peeer a word? If not, it should be! I’ll make sure to highlight that in my fishery book!!

Duluth or Duloot

Last month we took the boys to Duluth, Minnesota. A city approximately 2 1/2 hours NE of the Twin Cities. A beautiful place that lies on the banks of Lake Superior and is also a major shipping port. Canal Park is one of our favorite stops in Duluth and a highlight is The Duluth North Pier Light(above). A lovely place to casually stroll as well as watch the birds and the ships coming and going. Yes, casually strolling just like those three fellas above(I’ve never seen them this well behaved😳). This particular lighthouse is one of three that line the Duluth Ship Canal (an artificial channel that provides direct access to Duluth harbor from Lake Superior).

Above is the Duluth South Breakwater Outer Light. Together these two lights from above mark the lake ends of the channel. Such a picture perfect shot, I couldn’t help but capture it. The red roof really pops against the blue of the lake and sky, the contrast is really striking.

The John A. Blatnik Bridge above, is the bridge that carries Interstate 535 (I-535) and U.S. Highway 53 (US 53) over the Saint Louis Bay, a tributary of Lake Superior, between Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin. The bridge is 7,975 feet (2,431 m) long and rises up nearly 120 feet (37 m) above the water to accommodate the seaway shipping channel. Bridges also fascinate me, I just love the architecture. Now crossing them, that’s another thing😬

I could sit here all day and watch the ships. So easy to just sit back and think about all the magical places they are going to, all the beautiful ports and exotic places. Oh, one more tidbit, most of the ship traffic on Superior carries iron ore from the Mesabi Range north of Duluth (ok, maybe not too exotic).

I’ll leave you with a little closer view(Arn’t those babies massive?!).

Waking Up White

“Let’s talk about racism” ,it’s the one line that makes many white people cringe, look for the nearest exit and do things like in the gif below.

Any easier way to address the subject might be just to give them this book.


Waking up White is a Non-Fiction book from writer and racial justice educator, Debby Irving. It tells her story of discovery and insight into the realities of racism and the effects of being raised in a world of white privilege. A journey of transformation and self awareness, highlighting her fears and mistakes and offering up lessons learned to help others work through their own issues with race relations.


I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it. Lots of “aha” moments and so very fascinating it was hard to put down. It would make an excellent read for a book club, not only because it’s a very interesting and thought provoking subject, but the author has already entertained questions that you can use for discussion. Such a wonderful look at her journey through racial justice, a journey that allows her to take a closer look at bias and inherited behaviors. Personally, the book was a wonderful learning experience for me. I was able to examine my assumptions about racism, becoming aware that even though I may be well intentioned, I still have lots to learn about cross cultural relationships.

You can find out more about the author and TLC Book Tours here

Something Going On In My Backyard

Wandering through my backyard the other day, I spied some petunias. White and bright and swaying in the summer wind. Lovely, like a backyard should be.

Behind the petunias were some Strawberries, one ripe and two in waiting. I picked the red one an examined it thoroughly. It wasn’t perfect, but neither am I. I ate it and it was wonderful!!

I looked behind me and discovered my worst nightmare. The barn swallows had made their nest. I had been diligent but had slacked off the last couple of weeks(darn that slacker in me) the nest was built and little babies will be emerging shortly(the only benefit to my laziness).

To the left of me sat a dragonfly. It was proud of my laziness, was proud that I let nature take it’s course. But dragonfly didn’t need to clean the mud or bird poop up, didn’t need to duck every time he went out to its back porch. Life was simple for dragonfly, all he needed to do was sit on a pole.

This fella kept showing up too, shifty and swift, laughing at my oversight. I tried to capture him, just a blur. His identity evades me….I would appreciate some help in identifying him. Yes, the backyard can be a dangerous place, full of deceit and trickery. Did I just say dangerous?😳😂😂😂😂😂