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INTERVIEW: A Deep-Dive into the Majestic Minutiae of ’90s Comics Splendor with CARTOONIST KAYFABE Creators JIM RUGG & ED PISKOR

Literary criticism is a fickle mistress. With a lot content material amassed all through historical past and so many faculties of thought devoted to figuring...

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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/1/19 – It’s the cosmic rays! I warned you about ’em!

§ Good Artwork: Glom this cowl by José Homs for Sh1 Quantity three Revenge!, (no not the US Shi) launched by Europe Comics, the digital euro-comics writer. The...

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Jim Woodring on working with Jack Kirby, having visions and making comics — The Beat

Jim Woodring at Comedian Arts Brooklyn 2018. Photograph by Heidi MacDonald   Jim Woodring’s new Fantagraphics guide Poochytown is a tour de pressure of...