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Game of Thrones S8E6 Recap – The Iron Throne

Game of Thrones S8E6 Recap - The Iron Throne

Recreation of Thrones. That is the top.

Oh man. Right here we’re. The ultimate episode of Recreation of Thrones. Ever. The entire shebang. Woof. After this, what can we obsess over subsequent?

Wow, that opening sequence. King’s Touchdown is trashed. Poor 3D mannequin, I hardly knew ye. Hmm the Iron Throne nonetheless stands in mannequin type. Fascinating. I figured it burned with the remainder of King’s Touchdown.

We open on Tyrion. He seems like his demise is imminent. Or that he was improper for promoting out Varys. Hashtag Varys was proper. Tyrion finds the one dead-but-unburnt our bodies in all of King’s Touchdown as he surveys the masacre from final week. Some semi-naked man walks in the direction of him and the dude actually seems to be like a zombie, however isn’t. It’s been fairly a day. Even Jon takes a glance again on the bare and flayed dude. The survivors aren’t many and they’re all shell shocked. Nobody talks. Tyrion comes throughout the burnt physique of the mom and daughter from final week.

Tyrion walks off alone. He walks previous a bell that fell to the bottom throughout Dany’s onslaught. The bells.

Keep in mind when Gray Worm wasn’t a dick?

Gray Worm sentences a bunch of Lannister males to die. Jon and Davos attempt to intercede. Gray Worm has his orders, “Kill all who comply with Cersei Lannister.” When Jon holds Gray Worm’s arm to stop him from taking the killing stroke, the Unsullied all flip their weapons on Jon. Davos breaks it up with cause, however “We should always converse to the queen,” seems like sentencing these Lannister males to die. And certainly sufficient, Gray Worm begins slitting throats as quickly as Jon and Davos stroll away.

The ash falling within the Purple Hold appears like snow. It’s the map room. Tyrion ought to discover his siblings’ our bodies close by, proper? He appears for a means out, however solely finds rubble…and a slight approach out. Did Jaime and Cersei escape? By way of the dragon’s mouth, no much less? It definitely appears that means. It’s loopy how this manipulates my feelings. That is like when Jaime and Cersei reunited a number of seasons again and the present me all like “Awwww, these two.” That’s, proper earlier than realizing they have been brother and sister and throwing up in my mouth just a little bit. Tyrion finds Jaime’s gold hand…however no Jaime? Perhaps they did escape! I odor spinoff! The Good Sister-Spouse, right here we come! Rattling, no, he finds Jaime’s face subsequent. Jaime and Cersei: womb to tomb, child. Mourned over by their solely surviving speedy relative. Hey, keep in mind when Cersei was the primary villain of this present and her lifeless physique would have been one thing to rejoice? In the meantime, now we’re all like “Poor Jaime and Cersei. They might have had all of it…”

The place’s the white horse?

Arya walks among the many lifeless in King’s Touchdown. A lot for Arya driving off into the sundown final episode. The Dothraki guard the surface. She will’t escape. Does she even need to? The Dothraki look hungry for blood. Jon walks by means of them and previous the Unsullied. An enormous Targaryen banner hangs from the ruins of the Pink Maintain. The place did they get that flag so shortly? Arya follows Jon. Gray Worm waits for Jon on the prime of the steps. Drogon roars from overhead. Jon approaches Gray Worm. Dany surveys her kingdom.

Watching Dany right here is like watching Anakin flip into Darth Vader mixed with watching Palpatine take energy. Dany addresses her individuals. She says they gave her the Seven Kingdoms, however did they? I really feel like Drogon did a lot of the work. She praises Gray Worm and names him the Queen’s Grasp of Struggle. He has nothing to reside for anymore, so this makes him comfortable.

Tyrion approaches from behind. He joins Jon.

Darth Dany

Dany pronounces they gained’t lay down their spears till they’ve liberated the individuals of the world. Liberated right here means stamped underneath her boot heel.

Arya watches, seemingly unseen.

Tyrion approaches his Queen. This could’t be good. He stands by her aspect. Dany says she is aware of he freed Jaime. Tyrion counters with she slaughtered a metropolis. He throws down his Hand pin. That will get the Unsullied to cease stamping their spears. Come on T, you realize this could’t finish nicely. The Unsullied take Tyrion prisoner. What’s the purpose of this present? You’re simply throwing your life away right here, Tyrion.

Jon and Dany stare one another down. How far does your loyalty go, Jon?

Arya stands beside Jon. She says she got here to kill Cersei however Dany obtained there first. Jon needs Arya to attend outdoors the town gates. Arya warns him that Dany is aware of Jon will all the time be a menace to her.

In fact Tyrion needs wine.

Jon visits Tyrion in his cell. Tyrion needs wine. Sorry, T, Jon’s dry. Tyrion is aware of his time is up. And he factors out to Jon that Dany isn’t carried out preventing. Winterfell is subsequent. He additionally notes that Tywin and Cersei didn’t kill as many of their lifetimes as Dany did in a single day. Jon tries to defend Dany, however can’t. Tyrion explains Dany’s character arc and all of a sudden her actions don’t appear so out of character. Tyrion’s “I beloved her too speech” feels like a mum or dad saying he’s extra disenchanted in Dany than indignant at her.

Tyrion challenges Jon with “Who’s the best menace to the individuals now?” Jon doesn’t reply, however in his silence, he does. Jon departs, seemingly loyal to Dany, however I get the sensation we’re about to see Kingslayer Half 2 starring Jon. The Unsullied open the door. Jon exits. Dany positive has numerous Unsullied guarding Tyrion’s cell. It’s an entire hallway of men guarding him.

The ash in King’s Touchdown actually appears like snow. Drogon emerges from a pile of ash. He sniffs Jon and goes again to napping. Are these two technically cousins? Am I utilizing technically proper?

The Iron Throne stands! Dany look cray as she seems to be upon it. Oh, Danykin Skywalker, you’ve been corrupted by the darkish aspect, and this Iron Throne is your Palpatine.


Jon approaches Dany, cautious as something. Notice: Jon has a minimum of two swords on him. One among them have to be stepping into Dany. Dany tries to inform a cute story about how massive she thought the Iron Throne was when she was a woman, however Jon is all like “Oh hey, keep in mind whenever you burned a bunch of little youngsters yesterday, cray cray?” Jon needs a world of mercy. Dany needs a world of mercy cast in dragon hearth. Sword within the again Jon. Now’s the time. Dany needs a kiss. I would like Jon to place a sword in her again. As an alternative he kisses her, and SNIKT, Jon places a sword in her intestine. Oh rattling. He did her Bullseye doing Elektra fashion. If anybody has Frank Miller’s quantity, I would like that fee!

Aspect notice.

I watched this scene a couple of occasions, and I feel it’s nice the way it was written and shot. When Jon is pleading for Tyrion’s life, he’s actually pleading for Dany’s life. He doesn’t need to kill her right here and you may see the way it breaks him to take action. He was conflicted between his love for her, his loyalty to her, his loyalty to household, and his private moral sense. To me, this was probably the most highly effective scene within the episode.

Again to the present.

Um, Jon. I feel I hear a dragon. You greatest run.  Drogon approaches and I’m anticipating Jon to say “Hey Drogon, I discovered her like this. Loopy, proper?” Or “Drogon, hey Drogon. I’m the captain now” Captain Phillips fashion.

Drogon roars up on his hind legs, opens his mouth…and burns the Iron Throne! “Yesssssssssss!” says my dying pool entry because the throne melts. You possibly can’t sit on the throne if it doesn’t exist, proper? Drogon doesn’t spit hearth on Jon. Oh man, is Jon is the captain now? PS, somebody get Jon new pants.

Drogon picks up Dany and flies off together with her physique. Um, that’s interfering with a criminal offense scene, you loopy dragon. The place you going, Drogon?

What number of weeks/months later?

Tyrion wakes up in his cell. Gray Worm enters and escorts him out. Man, Gray Worm has actually grow to be such a dick since Missandei died. The ash is all gone, so I’m guessing a while has handed. Tyrion stands earlier than a council of Sansa, Davos, Arya, Pod, Brienne, Yara, Gendry, Brienne, Sam, Catelyn’s brother from Outlander, Robin Arryn and a few dude from Home Martell. Why is Sam on this council? At greatest, he’s “pal of Jon Snow.” Sure, sure, I assume he’s the surviving head of a semi-great home, however in that case, what’s Davos doing there? This scene is like “Did you’ve gotten a talking half on the present? Sure? You’re in! Oh wait, Home Martell dude didn’t? He’s in anyway.”  And who’s the dude on the opposite aspect of Yara? He higher transform the quarterback of some soccer workforce making a cameo. They’re all debating what to do with Jon, Tyrion and the way forward for Westeros. Yara continues to be journey or die Workforce Dany. Davos is the voice of purpose, however even he wonders what he’s doing on this council.

Jon is the prisoner of the Unsullied. As is Tyrion. Westeros is with no ruler. Who would be the king or queen? The dude from Outlander begins to make a speech, however Sansa tells him “Incorrect present, buddy, sit down.”  Sam proposes democracy. Everybody laughs at him. Ohhhh, Westeros.

They ask Tyrion who he would decide, as a result of the dude in jail is all the time who you need choosing the chief. Tyrion says there’s nothing extra highly effective than a great story and proposes Bran lead the world. His speech is a superb Bran 2020 introduction. Select the longer term. Select Bran.

King who now?

Tyrion pronounces a kind of consultant democracy the place the king is chosen by the lords and women of Westeros on this spot. Bran accepts Tyrion’s nomination. Sam provides a second, adopted by a bunch of individuals. Sansa pronounces the North will stay an unbiased kingdom. Bran the Damaged takes the crown. Nice identify there. Gray Worm seems like he’s consuming bile as this goes down. He’s questioning the identical factor I’m, why precisely is Tyrion being allowed to set the tone of this assembly right here? Bran pronounces Tyrion as he Hand. Tyrion doesn’t need it. However hey, Bran doesn’t need to be king.

Jon rots away in a cell. they will’t free him, however they will’t depart him to the Unsullied, so Bran sends Jon to the Night time’s Watch. “There’s nonetheless a Night time’s Watch?” asks Jon. Truthful query. Jon is conflicted about his determination to kill Dany and appears to Tyrion for reassurance. I watched that scene of Jon killing Dany a second time and you may actually see how conflicted he was even because the knife went in. It feels like he’s simply as conflicted, months later.

Jon exits King’s Touchdown not fairly a free man, led away by two dudes from the Night time’s Watch. Gray Worm watches Jon depart city.

The Unsullied are headed to Naath. I assume they’re giving up their maintain on King’s Touchdown. Query: who was feeding the survivors of King’s Touchdown in the course of the time after Dany died and the Unsullied gave up the town? Perhaps that’s not a query I need to know the reply to.

I’ll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.

Within the last Stark household assembly, Sansa asks Jon for forgiveness. However come on, it’s not like Jon hasn’t been right here earlier than. Jon provides his household speeches like he’s Dorothy leaving Oz. Arya is leaving city too, like actually leaving city. She’s headed west of Westeros, wherever that’s. Spinoff, anybody? Jon kneels earlier than Bran, and it actually drives residence how loopy Bran being king is. Who picked this man? “Don’t blame me, I voted for Davos.” The Starks are all watching Jon get on a ship from King’s Touchdown to the Wall, wanting like they’ll by no means seen him once more. In the meantime all of them stay like 20 miles south of the wall. It’s more durable for me to get from New York Metropolis to Philly.

Brienne writes within the e-book of knights about Jaime. She provides him an entire new web page of information. Westerosopedia? Who’s modifying this? She ends on “Died defending his Queen.” Awww. Or quite “Awww?” Additionally, how did this e-book not burn throughout Dany’s torching of the town?

Talking of issues that didn’t burn, how did the small council desk and the Hand’s chair survive? The small council meets. Archmaester Sam, Davos and Bronn are all on the small council. Sam is that man at your workplace who retains getting promoted however doesn’t add something. Brienne wheels in Bran. Brienne wears the gold armor of the King’s Watch. Bran notes they’re lacking a Grasp of Whisperers, a Grasp of Regulation and a Grasp of Struggle. I anticipated him to make a speech about not needing these titles on his small council, however nope, it’s new boss similar because the previous boss in Westeros.

Not the perfect identify.

Pod can also be within the King’s guard. They maintain calling Bran King Bran the Damaged. How does that identify finish nicely? Bronn is the Grasp of Coin. Actually, who is best for the job? Bronn, Brienne and Sam debate the deserves of ships vs. brothels and I feel not sufficient individuals died this episode.

Jon makes it to the Wall. Tormund is ready for him. Yay! If I might have picked a king of Westeros, I’d have picked Tormund. Hashtag Tormund 2020. Hashtag big’s milk 2020.

Arya units sail for brand spanking new lands, beneath a Stark banner.

Sansa visits the crypts. after which takes her throne in Winterfell. She is topped the Queen within the North.

Jon oversees the Night time’s Watch. These guys all know him, proper? He walks by means of the Night time’s Watch and a gaggle of wildlings. Ghost seems and Jon pets him this time. Awww! Glad to see that scene after Jon gave him the chilly shoulder beforehand.

Jon, Tormund and Ghost journey North of the Wall, adopted by many wildlings. The wildlings are headed house. The gates shut behind them, together with Jon. Oh man, Jon is among the many free people now. “Hey, you guys keep in mind Ygritte? Did she have a sister?”

Remaining Ideas

And that’s it. The top. I gained’t lie, I assumed this season can be a lot bloodier than it turned out to be. But when Recreation of Thrones was as predictable as some followers really feel it ought to have been, none of us would have appreciated it as a lot as we do. Recreation of Thrones by no means did not shock, from Ned’s dying in King’s Touchdown to Drogon not killing Jon after Jon killed Dany. Taking a look at reactions on-line, individuals appear a lot angrier about season eight than individuals I speak to in individual. Personally, I actually appreciated the season. Most issues I assumed would occur (like everybody dying, Jaime and Cersei being Targaryens) didn’t pan out, however I nonetheless beloved the present. When somebody tells me they haven’t watched Recreation of Thrones, I give them a quizzical look and simply reply “Greatest present on TV proper now.” Now that the present is over, I’ll need to amend that to “You need to actually watch it.”

If I had any drawback with Recreation of Thrones, it’s that I felt the present backed itself right into a nook by saying years prematurely when the ultimate season can be. Didn’t all of us study after Misplaced‘s folly doing the identical? Fortunately, I discovered the conclusion to Recreation of Thrones rather more satisfying than the conclusion to Misplaced. It wasn’t what I anticipated, and I don’t imply that as dangerous. Like I stated earlier, if we might predict the place this present went, it will be a far lesser present.

Thanks for taking this ultimate season journey with me. It’s been a really enjoyable journey for me, and I’m glad you have been right here for it.

In case you missed my recap of earlier Recreation of Thrones episode, The Bells, you’ll find it right here.

Billy Henehan writes for The Beat. In his free time, he likes to seek out overseas language reprints of Todd McFarlane Spider-Man comics.

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