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Great Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Child

Bow Pose helps with erectile dysfunction and cures untimely ejaculation.

Yoga positions are useful for intercourse life as a result of intercourse entails being current. It’s essential to get out of your head and tune into your physique to take pleasure in bodily pleasures.

Enjoyable the physique is an important think about maximising the sexual pleasure. The versatile physique additionally opens the chances to experiment with totally different intercourse poses.

Yoga improves sexual perform for ladies as a result of stretching your physique makes it extra versatile, receptive and prevents ache throughout intercourse.

In a single research, ladies noticed their sexual life earlier than and after yoga workouts. 75 % of them reported an enchancment of their intercourse life after doing yoga.

Dr Vhikas Dhikav carried out a research on the male intercourse life through the 12-week yoga program. The lads reported that their intercourse life improved relating to orgasm, erection, confidence and synchronisation with their companion.

Companion yoga poses can even function a fantastic bonding expertise for you and your companion.

Right here we current ten yoga positions (asanas) that strengthen the pelvic flooring, improve libido and remedy sexual dysfunction.

Youngster’s Pose (Balasana)

On a regular basis stresses could make it arduous to loosen up when it comes time to make love together with your vital different.

Baby’s Pose is an easy pose that helps to return into your physique in case you are caught in your thoughts. It additionally helps chill out tense decrease again.

Tips on how to do Youngster’s Pose

  1.  Sit in your heels and lay in your mattress or the ground in a fetal place.
  2. Contact the ground together with your brow.
  3. Stretch your arms in entrance of your self.
  4. Breathe out and in for three minutes and focus in your breath. For those who really feel any pressure within the pelvic space, ship your breath there.

You possibly can practise Balasana as intercourse pose too, by letting your companion get inside you from behind.

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

The Bridge Pose is beneficial as a result of it’s a pelvic flooring pose.

Robust pelvic muscle tissue heighten intercourse drive, they usually strengthen ladies’s organs resembling uterus, bladder, small gut and rectum.

The tight pelvic flooring is widespread with pregnant ladies and ladies who spend a variety of time sitting.

Exercising this space of the physique will increase blood circulation, and results in stronger orgasms.

Moreover, the bridge pose helps with menstrual ache.

This asana raises blood circulation and will increase a lady’s arousal.

To practise it as intercourse pose , place your ft a bit wider to let your associate inside you.

Tips on how to do Bridge Pose

  1. Lay on the mat and widen your knees aside to match the width of your hips.
  2. Pull the pelvis and your hips up whereas laying down together with your again.
  3. Straighten your hips parallel together with your knees and shoulders.
  4. Keep within the pose from 30 – 60 seconds and make three extra repetitions.
  5. Exhale and gently roll the backbone on the ground to launch the pose.

Cobra (Bhujangasana)

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Cobra (Bhujangasana)

Within the ebook The Science of Yoga, William Brode came upon that the cobra pose will increase testosterone. On the similar time, it decreases cortisol, the stress hormone.

Despite the fact that testosterone is especially a male intercourse hormone, it additionally boosts feminine arousal.

Cobra presses the adrenal glands and heightens the blood circulation via the physique. Each of these elements improve the intercourse want.

To realize that impact, press your thighs on the ground and pull them in the direction of one another whereas doing this train.

The way to do Cobra

  1. Lay in your stomach on the mattress or a mat, dealing with down into your pillow.
  2. Press your forearms into the mattress or the mat. Hold the elbows near your physique, so they’re underneath your shoulders.
  3. Straighten and stretch your legs and maintain them aside within the width of your hips. Unfold your toes and maintain them pressed into the bottom.
  4. Press tailbone within the path of your ft and lengthen your decrease again.
  5. Whereas maintaining the forearms within the preliminary place, carry your chest.
  6. Stretch rigorously and slowly, whereas lifting your again. Use your stomach muscle tissues as help. Don’t pull your physique totally upwards should you don’t really feel assured.
  7. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds or much less. Get into the Cobra Pose two extra occasions.
  8. Exhale, and slowly convey down your chest and brow to the mat.

If you wish to follow cobra as a intercourse place, put your legs ft aside. On this place, a person can attain your G spot!

Cat-Cow Move (Marjaryasana – Bitilasana)

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Cat-Cow Flow (Marjaryasana - Bitilasana)

Cat-Cow Pose requires shifting the pelvis up and down, which is a sexual movement. Subsequently, it awakens the sexual power.

This pose stimulates and strengthens muscular tissues of the pelvic flooring (Mula Bandha) and helps you expertise stronger orgasms.

It additionally makes your buttocks muscle tissue stronger.

Find out how to do Cat – Cow Stream

  1. Floor your knees and palms on a mat or mattress.
  2. Widen your knees aside equally to your hips.
  3. Whereas exhaling, pull your backbone upwards right into a cat pose and look down. Carry your shoulders, whereas tucking the underside and decrease again inside.
  4. Through the inhale, carry your backbone downwards right into a cow pose. Your stomach ought to go in the direction of the ground and your backside upwards. Join your shoulder blades shut collectively.
  5. Attempt to repeat the train between 10 – 20 occasions for one of the best impact.

We’ll now transfer onto the yoga poses that may enhance sexual perform for males.

Earlier than practising the next yoga poses for males, stretch safely through the use of the above poses for ladies.

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Dhanurasana creates strain round sexual organs and will increase blood circulation all through the entire physique.

Bow Pose helps with erectile dysfunction and cures untimely ejaculation.

It additionally helps to last more in mattress and to realize stronger orgasms.

The best way to do Bow Pose

  1. Lie in your stomach together with your palms up.
  2. Exhale and bend your knees with heels near your buttocks. You’ll be able to lay together with your thighs on a folded blanket to carry your self.
  3. Inhale and carry the knees and thighs. Push the tailbone in the direction of the ground.
  4. Stretch the arms backwards and maintain your ankles. In case you can’t attain your ankles, wrap a strap round your ankles, and pull it together with your palms.
  5. Gaze in entrance of you. Press your shoulder blades collectively and maintain your respiration constant.
  6. Keep within the place for 20 – 30 seconds. Repeat it one or two extra occasions. Between every repetition let go of the grip and slowly lay down for a number of seconds and relaxation.

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Cow Face Pose will increase flexibility and mobility of shoulders, chest, hips and thighs. Consequently, it enhances the agility of sexual actions.

Gomukhasana is a wonderful place in curing sexual illnesses as a result of it raises the blood stream.

For instance, it helps to remedy hydrocele, a scrotal swelling brought on by the buildup of fluids across the testicles.

In case you have a extreme again, neck or knees damage, keep away from this place.

Easy methods to do Cow Face Pose

  1. Sit on the bottom and prolong the legs in entrance of you. Bend your left leg, whereas placing it beneath your proper buttock.
  2. Fold the suitable leg and put it in your left thigh. Deliver shut your knees on prime of one another.
  3. Bend your left hand and place it behind your again.
  4. Your physique must be stored straight and gently backwards, whereas your chest ought to be dealing with up.
  5. Convey your proper arm over your proper shoulder. Clasp each of your arms. In the event you can’t attain fingers of your arms, you possibly can once more use a strap or a scale.
  6. Attempt to keep this place for 30 – 60 seconds. Maintain respiration all through the train.
  7. Breathe slowly to chill out as a lot as potential. In case you can’t, that’s nice too as a result of it takes time to grasp this asana.
  8. Exhale and return into the preliminary place. Repeat the train with the other arm and leg yet one more time.
  9. Free your arms, get them again to the bottom and uncross your legs.

Consequently, it is best to really feel a stretch in your chest, shoulder, arm and higher again muscle mass.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Half Lord of the Fishes pose massages and simulates sexual organs. It will increase sexual power and creates extra intense orgasms for males.

Moreover, it improves the functioning of the reproductive system as a result of it heightens the blood circulation within the pelvic area.

For the most effective impact, do to this asana proper after waking up or four – 6 hours after a meal.

How you can do Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

  1. Sit on the ground and cross your proper knee over the left knee.
  2. Bend your knees. Put your left foot again subsequent to your proper buttock together with your left leg on the ground.
  3. Place your proper foot on the bottom, subsequent to your left thigh.
  4. Hold your backbone straight and switch your waist, neck and shoulders proper.
  5. Put your proper hand behind you on the ground and your left hand on the best knee.
  6. Breathe slowly and deeply, whereas staying within the place for 30 – 60 seconds. Do the place yet one more time with the other arm and leg.

Now, we current some easy Yoga positions for couples which you can attempt in your bed room.

Canine Pose

Great Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Dog Pose.jpg


Canine Pose stretches and strengthens the muscle tissue of neck and again.

It’s nice to do for males earlier than intercourse because it raises the testosterone degree.

You’ll be able to embrace it in foreplay together with your vital different!

It enhances the power and endurance of the physique for each companions, which improves your intercourse life.

The Canine Pose additionally prompts the thyroid gland and metabolism.

The right way to do Canine Pose

  1. Lie in your abdomen together with your arms resting subsequent to your physique.
  2. Let your associate climb in your again with legs prolonged and shut collectively.
  3. Increase your physique off the ground together with your arms, and help your weight together with your toes.
  4. The associate on prime ought to carry her arms off her associate’s shoulders. She ought to prolong her ft and help herself with higher elements of ft.
  5. Each of companions ought to stretch their our bodies as a lot attainable.
  6. Keep within the pose for 30 seconds.
  7. To get out of the pose, the associate that’s down ought to decrease his physique again to the bottom. The associate on prime ought to comply with by decreasing their physique as nicely.

Standing Backbend Pose Associate (Anuvittasana Companion)

Great Positions for a Better Sex Life - Standing Backbend Pose Partner (Anuvittasana Partner)

Standing Backbend Pose Companion is a newbie pose that’s useful for each companions individually and as a pair pose.

It’s useful for chest and decrease again, and may even remedy decrease again ache.

Holding arms together with your companion and stretching on the similar time will increase closeness and belief. Emotional bonding is important for ladies in enhancing the romantic temper.

Easy methods to do Standing Backbend Pose

1. Each companions ought to stand on a mat with their ft aside and straight again.
2. Draw your stomach in, push your chest ahead.
three. Stretch your arms ahead and mutually maintain your associate’s wrists.
four. By way of the exhale arch your backbone again, whereas maintaining the palms on the decrease again. Use your abs as help and arch your again so long as it doesn’t harm.
5. Maintain your neck and backbone in the identical line and drop your head again or just look ahead.
6. Hold the place for three to five breaths.
7. To launch the pose, inhale and regularly and punctiliously return to the standing place.

Again to Again Chair Pose

Great Yoga Positions for a Better Sex Life - Back to Back Chair Pose

Again to Again Chair Pose strengthens the connection as a result of it requires belief and communication to be carried out.

You and your companion can increase your teamwork by holding one another’s again shut.

This companion pose originates from a daily Chair Pose (Utkatasana).

Again to Again Chair Pose advantages decrease again, knees and quadriceps and it’s good for straight posture.

Find out how to do Again to Again Chair Pose

  1. Stand again to again and intertwine your elbows.
  2. Use your abs to remain within the pose together with your associate. Transfer your ft nearer to your companion by strolling them again till you obtain the stability.
  3. Hold your ft a bit wider than your hips. Kneecaps and heels ought to be consistent with your toes.
  4. The purpose is that your knees are 90 levels. Don’t allow them to go decrease than that. If one of many companions is taller, they will pull themselves up.
  5. To launch the pose slowly stroll again to your companion.

It’s straightforward to enhance your intercourse life and your psychological state for those who comply with these workouts.

You want minimal gear or no gear in any respect, and you are able to do them at residence.

It has turn into widespread for couples to do Yoga challenges on YouTube. It might definitely be a enjoyable and refreshing expertise.

Attempt them out and see what occurs!

The associate yoga poses will heat you up and progressively construct up bodily intimacy.

Yoga can lead you and your companion right into a relaxed state wanted for attractive time collectively. It’s going to enhance your temper and relieve beck or neck ache.

Doing yoga together with your associate will elevate your relationship and belief in one another to a better degree.

A few of these poses can conveniently be used as intercourse positions as nicely!

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